Introducing the PlayOn Cloud Downloader

Now you can automatically download your PlayOn Cloud recordings to your Mac or PC Desktop.

Do you find yourself constantly transferring downloaded recordings from your phone/tablet to your PC to watch them on a bigger, TV-sized screen?  Then this PC Companion App for PlayOn Cloud is made for you!

The app works on both Windows and Mac OSX systems. While you still schedule recordings as normal in the PlayOn Cloud app, the files are downloaded directly to your choice of either the companion app on your PC or to your mobile device as normal.

Download recordings automatically overnight while you sleep to use your Off-Peak data, and do it straight to your PC without the hassles of transferring the file afterwards.

Record shows to the Cloud, then just leave your PC on when you go to bed.
Any new recordings in your Cloud will be auto-downloaded during the download time window on your PC.
The next morning, your recordings will be there ready to watch.

Bear in mind: this companion PC app is not a standalone version or replacement for the PlayOn Cloud app.
While browsing for content and queuing recordings must still be done through the main iOS/Android PlayOn Cloud app, this PC downloader is designed to take the headache out of copying the video file from your mobile device to somewhere that it’s easily watchable.

The downloaded files are yours to watch over-and-over again, transferred to other devices and viewed without internet access at any time you wish.
You will need an active PlayOn.TV subscription to use this app.  
If you don't already have an active subscription, you can find our pricing and plans here.