PlayOn Cloud Support Centre.

Check out the PlayOn FAQ’s, System Requirements and User Guide to get all of your questions answered. If you still need help using PlayOn, feel free to email our support team at

Frequently Asked Questions


PlayOn Cloud is a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you record streaming videos in the cloud (without requiring a PC). You can then download your recordings to any device for offline viewing and keep them for as long as you'd like without an expiration date PlayOn Cloud.

The PlayOn Cloud iOS app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. You pay a low per-recording charge (or recording credit) which includes 7 days of storage in your cloud locker and unlimited downloads of that recording to any PC or storage device during the complimentary storage period. You can purchase recording credits from our website.

Recording, Downloading, and Storage

Once downloaded, you can store your recordings locally for as long as you'd like. We will only store them for you for 7 days in your cloud locker.

You'll receive a notification email when your PlayOn Cloud recording is complete. The notification email will contain a direct link to download the recording to your PC or Mac or any device you'd like. You can also request the email link be sent to you by viewing the recording in your iOS or Android app and clicking on the mail span.

Yes, absolutely! Any profiles you've created in your Netflix account will be accessible in the PlayOn Cloud app.

There are two ways to delete a Cloud Recording. In your PlayOn Cloud App, on the Recordings Screen, Cloud view, you can swipe left on the recording and hit delete or you can select the [check]Manage span on the top right of the screen, select the items you want to Delete by clicking the check boxes that appear and then press the X Delete span.

If you cancel your PlayOn Cloud recording plan, any recordings made more than 7 days ago will be deleted and any recordings made less than 7 days will be kept in the cloud for you to access up until they are 7 days old. Without an active PlayOn Cloud plan, all recordings will be deleted once they are 7 days old.

Yes, we're working on new channels and will be adding them to the app when they are ready. If you have suggestions, please contact our support team at


The recordings are .MP4 files.

PlayOn supports closed captioning for Netflix recordings. To enable closed captioning on your recordings, follow these instructions:
1. Log into your Netflix account in a computer browser (or the Netflix app)
2. Select any video, start watching it with the captions enabled
3. Let the video play for at least 6 minutes
This will become the new playback preference for your account and will carry over to your PlayOn recordings. To disable closed captioning in PlayOn recordings, follow the same steps as above with the captions off.

We offer free email tech support 7 days week. If you have questions or run into any trouble, you can submit a support request from the account screen in the PlayOn Cloud app.

Yes, as long as you log in with your same PlayOn Cloud account, your recordings will sync across all of your devices with PlayOn Cloud installed. Record a video from your iPhone, and it will be available to download on your iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone or tablet.

It is now available in the Roku Channel Store. Check it out!

Not only can you tell PlayOn Cloud to automatically download your recordings, you can also schedule downloads to occur during specific timeframes. It's ideal for those with limited internet during peak times.

1. In the PlayOn Cloud App, click on the Settings tab then Download Options.

2. Turn on Auto-download on Wi-Fi by clicking on the toggle span so it turns green.
On iOS devices: Toggle Auto-download on WiFi to green enable it.
On Android devices: Enable Auto-download on unmetered networks.

3. Turn on Restrict downloads to off-peak and scroll down and enter your off-peak window (e.g. 12:00AM - 6:00AM).

Tip: Make sure your phone is on your Wi-Fi network and that the PlayOn Cloud app is kept open during your off-peak window. Also be sure that you have enough storage space on your device to store your recordings — a 30-minute show may take up 250-400MB.

Account and Billing

In the unlikely event of a recording failure, you'll automatically be issued a replacement credit. If you encounter any further issues, contact our support team at

Everything we do at PlayOn is legal and protected by the same laws that allow consumers to use a DVR or VCR to record broadcast content.

NB. You can only make changes to your personal details through the PlayOn.TV Australia website, not through the PlayOn Cloud app itself.

To change your account details, log in to your account on the PlayOn.TV Australia website. Navigate to the ‘My Account’ section by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of your browser window.

This will open a dropdown box, click into the top option (‘My Account’).

Once you’ve done this, click into ‘My Details.’ Here you can change the name of the account-holder, as well as your account password.

NB. You can only make changes to your billing details through the PlayOn.TV Australia website, not through the PlayOn Cloud app itself.

To change your nominated credit or debit card on file, simply log in to your account on the PlayOn.TV Australia website.

In the ‘My Account’ section, click into ‘Payment Details.’ You will see here the current payment method on file, as well as the fields to change your chosen payment method.

You can cancel or upgrade your monthly recording plan only on the PlayOn.TV Australia website. In the ‘My Account’ section, under ‘My Dashboard’ you will see your current plan.

Click on the ‘Cancel’ button to cancel your cloud plan.

Any plan changes (including cancellations) must be received before 2:00pm AEST five days prior to the anniversary date of the current cycle in order to take effect on that anniversary date, otherwise the cancellation will take effect at the following anniversary date.

You will be able to use any remaining recording plan credits for the remainder of your billing cycle(s).

Any recordings will continue to be available in the Cloud to download for 7 days following their creation, even if this extends past the date of your recording plan cancellation.

You can purchase further anytime recording credits here.

Anytime recording credits don’t expire monthly, and are only used if you’ve used up any remaining monthly recording credits.